Is Sri Lanka really Divided ?

Source : Friction TV

Gathering at a London street yesterday (June 10th,2008 ), a section of Tamil and Sinhala Diaspora called upon the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE to stop violence, as President Mahinda Rajapakse was attending the Conference of Commonwealth Heads of State.
The protest by ‘Sri Lankans Against Terrorism’ was led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) against the LTTE and its acts of terrorism, and was held opposite the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

A Parallel protest was held at the same venue jointly by Tamil and international organizations calling Sri Lanka government to stop the war.

The two protests held side by side on the Pall Mall were peaceful and lasted for about two hours amidst police presence.

‘Sri Lankans Against Terrorism’ comprising the Sri Lanka Peace Forum, the Tamil Peace Foundation-Sri Lanka, the Muslim Forum Actions Group of Sri Lanka, the Tamil Sangam-UK, Sri Lankans Without Borders called upon friends in the UK and the Commonwealth to assist in bringing democracy to the Northern Province still under the clutches of the Tamil Tigers and support democracy in Sri Lanka challenged by Tamil Tiger terrorism.

They also called upon them to exert pressure on the Tamil Tigers to disarm and enter the democratic process and prevent them from raising funds in British and Commonwealth countries.

While asking concerted action against Tamil Tiger front organizations, they called upon Commonwealth Heads of Government to support Rajapakse government’s commitment to the strengthening of democracy and finding a political solution.

The protest against the Sri Lankan government was organized by the British Tamils Forum, the Nava Sama Samaja Party (UK), the International Socialist Group Socialist Party, the Tamil Youth Organization, the South Asia Solidarity Group and the Solidarity for Peace.

They called upon the government to stop the war, recognize Tamils’ self-determination, and create a ‘safe haven’ to protect innocent Tamil civilians from indiscriminate aerial bombardment.

Impose International arms embargo and economic sanctions (do not grant GSP +) and force Sri Lanka to cut war budget and feed the masses were among their demands.

Source : Friction TV


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  1. Everyone who was attending the protest against Mahinda knows that Sri Lanka is already divided. The Tamil people made clear that they are not belonging to the country called Sri Lanka but have their own soil Tamil Eelam.

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