We wish you welcome to the forum, which deals with the conflict in Sri Lanka occupied. Since the independence of the island state at the tip of India, the land of controlled violence and discrimination, leading to an open war between the Tamil rebels and separatists and the Sri Lanka government. This war is open for several decades and continue the peace these days seem further than ever. Tens of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, hundreds of badges at the end of traumatized people, millions of fates are the result of the ethnic conflict on this tropical island, which today mainly due to its tourist attractiveness known.

This forum has been established to facilitate the flow of information, often through censorship and distortion restrict and manipulated, unadulterated to the members of the group and to bring the situation of the people there in the most detailed way to clarify.

It is not a question of who is in the right and who is not, but simply the exchange of information, mutual understanding, news and discussions with people of different views, on a superior and reasonable level.

We hope you all be loyal,patience and good manner to take part in this Web Page and wish you all the Best.


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  3. Double Games & Duplicity?

  4. The moment his Excellency the President announced that he is getting ready to implement a political solution, the extremists in Sri Lanka have become extraordinarily active. One such extremist activist is the Sinhala-Buddhist Pseudo-Historian Nalin De Silva who is on a rampage to STOP any political solution to the Tamils of Sri Lanka with his racist writings/speeches. Through his latest articles titled “SOLUTION” he is writing a new history for the Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Let me first say a few words about Dr. Nalin De Silva. He is a Math/Physics Professor who has FAILED to excel in his chosen fields, but succeeded in CHEAP polemics. After obtaining the PhD what matters is not only the brains but peer recognition which is more important when you are at that level but unfortunately he NEVER had it. Being a Math Professor at the Kelaniya University, not only the academics but even the students do not like this rude/arrogant old man. In university circle, he is known as `Prof. Nalin the Pissa`.

    As one of the founding members of Vasudeva`s and Wickramabahu`s Trotskyite NSSP, Nalin De Silva was one of the first Sinhala-Buddhist to endorse the right of Tamils for self determination in early 1980. Later he has taken a hundred and eighty degree turn by joining hands with Gunadasa Amerasekara and started writing utter rubbish about something he calls `Jathika Chintahnaya`. This has made him very FAMOUS among Sinhala-Buddhist RACISTS, the recognition he always wanted but never got from university circle.

    I read one of his articles in the Island (utter nonsense) where he claims that western truth in particular is not relevant to us (and fogs it up with irrelevant allusions to quantum science and relativity), and claims that the only point of view applicable in SriLanka is the Sinhala-Buddhsit point of view.

    Since he is good at speculating and creating his-stories (pseudo-history) from thin air and is able to write glamorized articles, he managed to convince a few confused and misguided individuals (mostly Sinhala-Buddhist youth) and made them his faithful followers who believe that he is an expert analyst/scholar.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva’s arguments are mostly based on the findings/writings of old (obsolete) historians. Most of those theories are not valid any more due to the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of archaeological, epigraphical and anthropological research made till now. He never comes up with any solid evidence to prove what he says but simply quotes another author whose credibility is in question (either a racist like him without any *verifiable data* or some biased researchers with hypothetical assumptions/interpretations or un-authoritative/officially un-published, half baked historical work of some researchers completely neglecting the controversial nature of their research.). The ancient stone inscriptions and even the Mahavamsa do not support his views.

    For example, Dr. Nalin De Silva still comments on the thesis that the PhD student Mr. K. Indrapala wrote in 1965. After 30 years of research as a senior Archeologist/Historian Prof. K. Indrapala say he does not even have a copy of his dissertation (1965) which is completely out of date.

    If people want to know the history of Sri Lanka after all the scientific discoveries in the fields of archaeological, epigraphical and anthropological research made till now, they have to read what is written by those who are qualified in the field of history/archeology and not Math/physics.

    For example, people such as Prof. Leslie Gunawardane, (professor in history and a former Vice Chancellor of University of Peradeniya), Dr. K Indrapala (former professor in history, University of Jaffna) and many other qualified historians have written articles and books on the history of Sri Lanka based on the latest findings.
    What credibility does bogus pseudo-historians like Dr. Nalin De Silva who still rely on articles written by early (obsolete) historians have in commenting on the history of Sri Lanka? These pseudo-historians can only come up with hypotheses, assumptions and analogies and not the facts/truth. Twisting, turning, manipulating, and coming up with big fat conspiracy theories have become their hallmark.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva says there were no Tamils in Sri Lanka before the 12th Century AD. The Mahavamsa very clearly says that there were Tamils (Damilas) in Sri Lanka during the early historic period not as traders but the rulers. Even Dutugemunu had to conquer not just one Tamil king but 32 Tamil Chieftains around the Anuradhapura principality alone. How could there be 32 Tamil chieftains in the area of Anuradhapura alone, if there were no Tamils or Tamil settlements? Even the very early Brami stone inscriptions found mentions the term Damilas (Tamils) during the ancient period.

    On the other hand, what evidence does he have to prove that Devanampiya Tissa or even DutuGemunu was a Sinhala? None of the stone inscriptions or Pali chronicles says they were Sinhalese. DevanampiyaTissa and DutuGemunu were from the Tissa dynasty which is a combination of Pandu (Pandyans) and Naga (they freely assimilated by marriage). Both Pandus and Nagas are migrants from India. The Nagas have a separate history in India.

    When the Buddhist missionary monks led by Mahinda came to Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu (latest research by Dr. Shu Hikosake) they spoke to the prince Tissa and his people in Deepa Basa (language of the Island) as per Mahavamsa. If the language of the island was Sihala/Hela then why didn’t the author of Mahavamsa say so? The term Sihala/Hela appeared for the first time only in the 5th Century AD Pali chronicles. During that period there was a serious threat to Buddhism in India (under attack) due to significant increase in Brahmanical influence (Vaishnavism and Saivism posed a serious challenge to Buddhism). In order to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka the Mahavihara monks assimilated all the Buddhists from different tribes/races into one group and called them Sihala and created a Lion history for them. The prakrit language in which the Brami inscriptions were written (what Wilhelm Geiger labeled as Sinhala-prakrit) is Pali plus the combination of all the languages spoken by the tribes. It was later known as Elu/Hela/Sihala.

    The beginning chapters of the Mahavamsa/Deepavamsa (believed to be adopted from some mystery story Sihalattha katha), the Sihala race (sustainers of Buddhism for 5000 years), Dhamma deepa (Island blessed by the Buddha), etc were all created by the Mahavihara monks to protect Buddhism from those Brahmanical/Hindus.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva speaks as if he had witnessed the Dutch bringing Vellalar to Jaffna. Vellalar is a caste of agricultural land owners. If the Dutch brought the Vellalar and created a new caste then I am sure the Dutch must have kept a record. What historical evidence does he have to prove his claim?

    It is true that the Dutch brought slaves from South India and sold them to the Vellalar as laborers to grow Tobacco in their fields but those people lived in Jaffna until recently as low castes.

    At the same time the Dutch also brought tens of thousands of slaves from South India to the South of Ceylon (Colombo, Galle and the entire South West). One of the main sources of income the Dutch had at that time was Cinnamon.

    According to the Dutch writer Markus Vink, Let me quote straight from his report:
    Quote: In 1694, the city of Colombo alone had a slave population of 1,761. See Knaap, `Europeans, Mestizos and Slaves,` p. 88. In 1661, 10,000 slaves had been put to work by the company and by private individuals on the lands in southwestern Ceylon, including 2,000 company slaves. Unquote.

    The Sinhala population from Colombo to Galle along the entire South West increased when these people assimilated with the Sinhalese? Ten thousand in 1694 must have multiplied into many hundred thousand. Today they are Sinhala Buddhists/Catholics who are claiming the ancient Sri Lankan civilization as their own heritage. These Sinhalised Tamils pretend as if they are more Sinhala than the Sinhalese. Not only people such as Dr. Nalin De Silva and Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka but even people like Don David Hewavitarana AKA Anagarika Dharmapala belongs to this group of Sinhalese.

    Let me also mention that, based on the writings of Markus Vink, Prof.Sinnappah Arasaratnam has written an article about the slaves settled in Jaffna to work in the Tobacco fields owned by the Vellalars.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva also says that even AriyaChakravartis have used Sinhala as their official language because they have used Sinhala to sign an agreement with Portuguese.

    First of all who can prove that the AriyaChakravartis used Sinhala to sign an agreement with Portuguese? Is this document preserved anywhere or has any 17th centaury Portuguese writer mentioned it anywhere?

    Suppose we say, yes the AriyaChakravartis used Sinhala to sign an agreement. Is that an evidence to say AriyaChakravartis have used Sinhala as their official language?
    In the 1815 Kandyan Convention, the leading Kandyan Lords or Dissawas who are believed to be the top Sinhala aristocrats (Pilimatalawe Senior, Pilimatalawe Junior, Ehelepola, Ratwatte, and a few others) signed their names in the Tamil Language.
    There is no reason why these Kandyan Lords should learn to speak and write Tamil or rather sign an important treaty concerning the country and religion in the Tamil Language?

    If we argue in similar manner like Dr. Nalin De Silva, we can also say that the mother tongue of these Kandyan Lords was Tamil or we can say that the Tamil Language was also an official Language of the Kandyan Kingdom.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva says the Languages in Tamil Nadu and Jaffna are very similar and therefore the Tamils have come very recently.

    The Tamil literature (Music/dance/drama) is very closely linked to the rich Tamil culture and due to the close proximity between Jaffna and Tamil Nadu there is no reason why the Tamils of Jaffna have to create another language or culture when everything is freely available. The neighboring states of Tamil Nadu adopted a slightly different language/culture because they also had influence from other neighbor states. Similarly, the Sri Lankan Tamil has a few words that the Tamils across the Palk Strait cannot understand.

    Dr. Nalin De Silva is not an etymologist or a linguist and neither is he a Tamil scholar who has done research to find the similarities and differences between the Tamil language in Tamil Nadu and Jaffna. What credibility does he have to comment about the Tamil language?

    There are enough of well qualified and renowned Historians/Archeologists/Anthropologists/ Etymologists out there but have any of them come up with any issues/comments or written any controversial articles on history like Dr. Nalin De Silva?

    We know why nobody likes to interfere or comment about Dr. Mervyn De Silva. Similarly, the controversial articles on history written by bogus Pseudo-historians such as Math/Physics Prof. Nalin De Silva can be dissected and nullified but mostly it goes unchallenged because nobody likes to lose their dignity by engaging in CHEAP polemics especially with nasty, arrogant and sarcastic people like Dr. Nalin De Silva.

    My advice to those who read articles on history written by people such as Dr. Nalin De Silva and believe what he says as the gospel truth.

    The danger with people like Prof. Nalin de Silva is what he speaks/writes is very dangerous to the society. He is brainwashing younger generation and creating racists very similar to what the educated Tamils did in the fifties (created the LTTE). The young Sinhala-Buddhist Ultra-Nationalists/Racists like Champika Ranawaka of the Jathika Hela Urumaya and Wimal Weerawansa of the National Patriotic Front are the by-products of Prof. Nalin de Silva’s CHEAP polemics. He has already created a young Sinhala-Buddhist Racist society. His course of action is detrimental to the future of the country and should be STOPPED at any cost.

  5. All these happened due the system of governance that is prevailing. Even the implementation of the much sought 17th amendment cannot salvage the country from the utter mess it is today.

    It is because “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” has taken over everything and is eating away the fundamentals of civilization. Wide spread corruption and mismanagement of public institutions is found all over the world. It is not peculiar to Sri Lanka which ranks 94 out of 180 countries. Though not at the “top” it is NOT at the bottom. Someone said that it has become part of the culture or an integral part of the system.

    So, what is the remedy?. The remedy is to change the system of governance itself into one that will not accept “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” as a partner. Once “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” is eradicated nearly 80% of the problems of any country would have been solved, and the balance 20% can be sorted-out easily because “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” the four pillars supporting evil society is not a partner in the governing system.

    In the present system of governance one set of elected representatives of the party (supposed representatives of te people) are empowered with all the powers to rule the country degrading the sovereignty of the people from the status of “citizens of the country” to one of “subjects of the country”.

    So, separate the powers now exercised by the parliament and empower small and different groups of people’s representatives (not party representatives) to administer each part of the separated power in a part of the country. That means no single group of elected peoples representatives would be having the full power to fully govern even a small part of the country. They (any one group) can only use a specific set of powers to achieve a specific object of a work. This is the basic difference between my proposal and that envisaged for “gramarajya” by Mahatma Gandhi. During the time of Mahatma Gandhi “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” was there but not visible to this extent and so he proposed a fully fledged village council “gramarajya” (or what was called “Gamsabah” in ancient Sri Lanka) . But now “bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination” has become an “acceptable culture” and partner in the governance of the country.

    SO WE WILL HAVE TO FIND WAYS AND MEANS OF ERADICATING BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, INJUSTICE and DISCRIMINATION FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE TO PREVAIL IN ANY COUNTRY and one way is the above mentioned separation of powers and each set of powers handled by a separate set of representatives in a restricted areas like having different ministries/departments for different functions – Administration, Fiscal Management, Development, Planning, Auditing, Law and Order etc.,

    The basic idea is promoting the eradication of bribery,corruption, injustice and discrimination and planning from the village level with the needs of the village being given top priority and the powers, duties and functions now vested or usurped in by parliament be SEPARATED and different and distinct powers, duties and functions be given to different and distinct groups of representatives directly elected by the people at different levels of groupings. These powers, duties and functions MUST NOT OVERLAP and the different groups of representatives are connected to form one unit – the Parliament.

    It is not the present federal or quasi-federal system in India where there is a Central Government directly elected by the people with powers to dismiss State Governments that too are directly elected by the people.

    In the present system one elected institution is above/below another elected institution and powers, duties and functions are DELEGATED and overlap and power is shared vertically – one above/below another – from Colombo unto a remote village Council. People elect and authorize an elected body to administer BUT the powers to administer are DELEGATED by Colombo, which retains the power to withdraw an its whims and fancies.

    In the system proposed/suggested by me nor elected institution is above/below another elected institution and cannot be dismissed by any other elected institution. All institutions are in the same level and enjoy equal rights given directly by the people.

    The powers to perform and administer the duties and functions specifically assigned to elected institutions are directly given by the people who elected the institutions and not by ANOTHER institution directly elected by the people. This is a great deviation from the present system.

  6. Please sign the petition and pass it on to as many groups as possible:

  7. My email address is .

    I am a peace actvist. I would like to see the present and future generations of this country (Sri Lanka) lead a peaceful and pleasant life.

    To achieve the above we need to modify the present system of governance.

    I humbly request the blogger to grant permission to publish my proposal for peace in this country.

  8. There is a solution to end all these woes. I am one of the members of the suffereing public who had been at the receiving end for the past many years and still continue to be so. It is these suffereings that led me think of a solution that cannot be rejected by the rationale minded people.

    The solution is rationale and is based on equality of all people.

    It has been developed to usher in an era of sustainable peace, solidarity and development. It is for a system of governance where discrimination and injustice is a matter of the past. It is for fair representation of Senior and Junior citizens of both genders. There are no ‘majorities’ or ‘minorities’ and there are no divisions on any basis.

    Anyone interested in the details can please contact me.

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