Gordon Weiss, Former UN Sporksman In SRI LANKA – Interview with ABC

Gordon Weiss was spokesman for the United Nation’s humanitarian mission in Sri Lanka during the civil war.

GORDON WEISS: Well I think that the decisions over the war and the execution of the war come down to a very narrow circle of people that surround the Rajapaksa family. The Defence minister was a Rajapaksa, the president was as a Rajapaksa, there was a range of Rajapaksas in the administration, but also people like Palitha Kohona, who was the secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there.

ALI MOORE: Who also has Australian citizenship.

GORDON WEISS: Who has also Australian citizenship. And these were the people who were busy pedalling the notion to the rest of the world that there was nothing very untoward happening at all, that the war was going along merrily and ultimately that the war was won without a drop of civilian blood being spilt, which the Government maintains to this day, despite all this evidence to the contrary.


More civilian deaths

Health officials say that Army shelling is causing heavy causalities in the conflict zone.

The Regional Director of health services Mullaithivu Dr T Varatharaja said that the Sri lankan Army is continuously shelling in to the safe zone area.

Dr T Varatharaja, said that 165 patients wounded from the fighting have been admitted to the hospital while 54 civilian deaths have been reported.

Asked how he could identify the source of shelling the doctor said that the army is shelling from close vicinity to the hospital.

Denying the claims of shelling in to the safe zone Defence Spokesman brigadier udaya Nanayakara said the the doctors in the area are spreading LTTE propaganda to bring the government to disrepute and now this has become their primey occupation.


Meanwhile five farmers were killed and two others were wounded on Tuesday night. The attack was blamed on the Tamil Tigers by the Defence spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakara.

He said that the killing took place at Neelapola, a village at Kantale in the Trincomalee district.

“They were attacked by the LTTE while looking after their paddy fields” said Brigadier Nanayakara.

Source :- BBC

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