JVP to bring 2 million people to Colombo against power devolution

JVP Leader Somawansa Amerasinghe says the party would bring 2 million (20 lakhs) people to Colombo in protest against the government if it decides to fully implement the 13th amendment to the Constitution.  Addressing a JVP rally in Anuradhapura recently, Amerasinghe said, “Mr Mahinda is still afraid to bring in this amendment. He puts a feeler first by getting the Blue Yapa to make a statement and then gets the Green Yapa to follow suit. The President does not say anything.”  “It is the 13th amendment introduced by the unconstitutional and undemocratic United National Party that President Mahinda Rajapakse is trying to bring in by getting Anura Yapa and Lakshman Yapa to make statements to the effect…”       “An amendment that has been ruled against by four Supreme Court judges cannot be allowed to be implemented. This will only act to divide the country. Through this amendment, India will get the chance of robbing Sri Lanka off its resources,” Amerasinghe also observed.


One Response

  1. My highest regard to the JVP for this..I am not a supporter of the JVP but I hail their efforts to keep the country unitary

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