Sufferings in the Lionland

Let’s celebrate suffering of others,
Let’s rejoice slaughter of others,
from street to street,
from village to village
in our Buddha’s lionland with milk rice!
who will say you are ruthless blood-lover?
say, simply they all are vicious terrorists!
so we celebrate their blood.
And you will guilelessly collect global support
from those who perform butchery
in their own holy lands
against their rebelling groups.


Let’s enjoy human blood,
Let’s celebrate human agony,
who can silence you from killing?
say, simply they are terrorists and
kill them all to protect our lionland’s sovereignty!
And you will win global praise
for your merciless massacre-
20,000 ethnic others in that bloody beach
within few days between palm trees
in this caring Buddha’s lionland!


Let’s organize a victory parade for bloody oppressors,
Let’s ask our Moulavis,
to lead parade and enjoy kiribath
for ethnic others’ blood and sufferings
at the hands of brutal dharmista Army
who can say you are demeaning Almighty
with your disgraced praying?
say, we are great patriots, and-
just did it to please Almighty God!
And they will say-
you are great cronies in slaughtering human meat
in this compassionate buddha’s lionland.


Let’s claim terrorists are gone,
Let’s plan for our hegemony,
who can challenge your planning?
say, we have some quislings in our backyard
they will love our gory scheme!
And serenely you can preach dharmista
on the sufferings of the human group
in this devoted Buddha’s lionland.


Let’s call for unity under bleeding lion flag,
Let’s demand others to silence their dissent,
say, we all are none-but patriots
And impose your lionland-hegemony on others.
who will dare to say
you are a ruthless (co-)participant
in wiping out human group
in this forgiving Buddha’s lionland?


I agree,
flow of blood slows liberatiom,
but, you need to know
sufferings of others always form a new plan
beyond the oppressors’ imagination
because they would refuse to
live as prisoners of your kingdom
in this Buddha’s dreadful lionland.


I refuse to celebrate this day with Kiribath
I hate to get pleasure
from others’ sufferings and blood
And refuse to accept
your ruthless supremacy.

– Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz – USA.-


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