‘IDPs not protected by law’ – CJ

cjBildOver two hundred thousand people in refugee camps are not treated according to the law of the land, says the Chief Justice (CJ) of Sri Lanka

CJ Sarath Nanda Silva says that the war displaced are living under appalling conditions.

The chief justice was speaking at the ceremonial opening of the new court complex in Marawila.

“While we build new courts, ten people live in one tent in these camps. They could stand straight only in the centre of these tents. Their necks will break if they move to a side of the tent”.

The CJ who visited the refugee camps in Vavunia on the 14th of May spent a whole day in a camp talking to the refugees.

Not protected by law

He said that he could not explain the pathetic situation the people undergo.

He said, “IDPs are seen waiting in queues, extending for 100 yards to take their turn to use a toilet where there is only one pot hole at the end of it” .

The Chief Justice say the refugees does not the jurisdiction of the courts. “They live outside the protection of the law of the country. I am saying this in public, and ready to face any consequences. We are doing a great wrong to these people” says CJ Sarath Nanda Silva.

The Chief Justice is to retire from his post at the end June. He was attending to one of his last official events.

Source : BBC



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