Four Thousand Tamil Detainees in Danger

Reliable Defense sources reveal that LTTE detains who are held in secret camps in the North are being transferred to Anuradhapura and Kandy. Relatives of the deainees say that as there is no accountability to the lives’ of these young men and women and there lives are in danger.

While the international community is focusing on camps set up for the internally displaced thousands of LTTE Suspects are being held at five secret detention camps.

These detention centers are situated at Nalukulam Technical College on the vauniya Mannar road, Rambe

Kulam School in vauniya town and punthotam cooperative school also in vauniya.
The suspect’s believed to have direct links with the LTTE are being screened out at wattuvaikkal and Iranapalli detention centers.
The exact numbers of LTTE detainees are only known to the government and defense authorities.

Army commander Sarath Fonseka reveled to the BBC last Tuesday that about Four Thousand, LTTE terrorist have been detained in several centers.

Most suspects of the Southern incretions of 1971 and 1989 were rehabilitated.
Southern rebels were given an opportunity to actively engage themselves in wide ranging activities spanning across parliament to media with active involvement in social life.

Going by the statements of politicians and defence authorities it’s very unlikely that these detainees are going to be rehabilitated in a similar manner, say the relatives of the detainees. They say that if the international community doesn’t look in to the plight of these detainees they could be eliminated and pronounced as dead during the ‘humanitarian rescue’.

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