Grim scenes at Sri Lankan camps – Channel 4 UK – 5th May 2009


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  1. The channel4 managed to sneak in to a refugee camp in north of Sri Lanka, but what have they captured?? Did they capture anything new?? What I see in the news is just the regular seen that I saw many times before. This means nothing, specially compared to what happened in Iraq, Palestine or in Afghan. Isn’t this video proving that the camp is well managed? What I see here is a set of artificially made stories that would have created with or without getting in to this camp.. I know Tamils are excited about this new channel4 news. Channel4 is making hot news (most of the time hot news are lies) here.. International community has to be careful as some media create controversy for their own advantage. Anyway let’s go through couple of their comments to see if we can answer to them..

    Read here –

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