Three more suspects die of police shooting

Three people were killed at a cemetery in Batticaloa today (5th) morning when police opened fire. DIG – Eastern Edison Gunatileke said the dead were three suspects who were charged of abducting a child and murdering her at Kotamunai in Batticaloa.

The DIG said the three suspects were taken to the cemetery as they had wanted to point out weapons hidden there. When they reached the site the suspects had pulled out weapons from where they were hidden and had attempted to shoot the police. The police took swift action and shot at the suspects. The suspects later succumbed to their wounds added DIG Gunatileke.

A similar incident occurred at Veyangoda yesterday where the suspect was shot dead by the police when he tried to carry out a grenade attack on the police.

Since the suspects of little Dharsha, who was abducted by TMVP members at Trincomalee to demand a ransom to commence a FM radio channel for the political party, were shot dead by the police those who were suspected of various crimes have been shot dead by police at several instances. In all these instances the suspects have either tried to throw grenades at the police or tried to shoot the police with hidden weapons they had promised to show the police.

  1. They further say this type of police action could be to prevent those who are directly involved in the crimes being revealed.

Recently when six prisoners were killed in a shooting at Kalutara prison the Chief Magistrate of Kalutara H. Anura Seneviratne said, “The statement that prisoners are shot while escaping has become a common phrase but the public has a right and a need to know the truth behind these incidents.”

Source : LankaTruth


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