UNICEF spokesman James Elder – Threat for Sri Lanka civilians in Norden

UNICEF spokesman James Elder tells CNN’s Anna Coren that thousands of civilians in Sri Lanka are in danger.
About 35 thousand people fled in Monday’s last region controlled by the rebel group Tâmeis Tigers in Sri Lanka, the Army informed the parents.

According to the military, the people escaped after the soldiers had opened passage in a barrier that prevented the entry of the military in the last area still under rebel area of the country.

The government says the guerrillas should surrender now or face an offensive end.

There was no immediate response of the rebels, who earlier refused orders to surrender it.


The UN estimates that about one hundred thousand civilians remain in the area, which for months have been going on violent fighting.

The Red Cross said that doctors working in local government are “worn” and do not have sufficient supplies.

Aerial images show thousands of people leaving the area of fighting.

The pro-rebel TamilNet website, there are fears that hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured after the entry of government troops in the area.

Each side accuses the other of killing civilians in the conflict which has dragged more than three decades.


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