Tamil Tiger rebels lose control in no-fire zone

Mass exodus begins amidst suicide attacks

Sri Lanka Army launched operations into the state-demarcated no-fire zone, the last stronghold of the Tamil Tiger rebels, making a major breakthrough in civilian movements out of the no-fire zone today. Latest reports say that over 20,000 civilians lined up to enter the Army-held area and many more are expected throughout the day.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) is reportely trying hard to prevent the exodus and a suicide attack against the fleeing civilians was also reported by Reuter.

Defense Ministry reported that troops had been able to open up a safe route for the civilians to come out of the no-fire zone after the soldiers of 58 Division successfully destroyed the LTTE fortifications in the Puthumathalan area.

Troops of 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (11 SLLI), 9 Gemunu Watch (9 GW), 8 Gajaba Regiment (8 GR), Special Force (SF) and Army Commandos (CR) captured 2 1/2 Km long stretch of LTTE built earth bund in the Puthumathalan area early this morning destroying the terrorists’ ability to attack the civilians seeking refuge with the armed force.

Pro-Tiger Tamilnet website said that the Army launched a fresh ground offensive in the early hours of Monday around 2:00 a.m. by opening fire along the stretch from Maaththalan to Mulliaykkal.

Source : (W3lanka,Colombo)


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