Presentation on media freedom and the humanitarian crisis

The Centre for International Media Assistance (CIMA) hosted a discussion of press freedom in Sri Lanka on 17th March 2009.

This video contains the entire session as well as a presentation by Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu is the Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Dr. Saravanamuttu’s presentation begins at 22 minutes.


One Response

  1. The discussion went on well but in the end the sri lankan embassy staff and the attorney General’s staff went on and on blaming finally the LTTE who were not represented to defend their accusations.
    As for a political settlement the best way forward is for USA to request China, UK and India and come out with a non biased statement stating how the settlement could be done. If Sri Lanka is not willing to share power with the Tamils then the four countries will have to think in terms of Kosovo or east Timmor. If need be President Rajapakse should be advised to put an end to his support from JVP and try to get the support of the UNP and TNA to provide constructive support to the Govt in order to formulate a new constitution where by the vice president should be elected from the Tamil community and the primeminister to be nomited from the Muslim community. Please note that the 1987 13th amendment has passed its sell by date. If Sri Lanka is playing political games by holding on to the Chinese then it is up to the other three countries to convince the Chinese that the time is critical and Colombo should come to its senses and face reality. We have lost too many lives within the Tamil community and the soldiers from the Sinhalese community. In a modern world democracy prevails.

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