One battle may be over, but do not rule out a second

– Mano Ganeshan

Western Peoples Front leader Mano Ganeshan, yesterday warned that unless the government resolves Tamil grievances, there could be another uprising at a news conference. “One battle may be over, but another cannot be ruled out, if the Tamil people are made to feel alienated and deprived of their rights,” he said.

“A sensible government will use the present opportunity to redress Tamil grievances. Failure to do so, would mean another Tamil uprising”.

Declining to comment on whether the LTTE has been annihilated, he said “I am not a military expert. But I know that unless the government implements a viable political solution to the ethnic issue, this conflict will continue”.

Accusing President Mahinda Rajapaksa of throwing the APRC report which recommended devolution beyond the 13th Amendment into the dust bin, he urged that the particular report be the basis for talks between the government and Tamil parties.

Ganeshan said that the 13th amendment to the constitution was rejected by the Tamils 20 years ago and it obviously cannot be the solution.

Rajapaksa he alleged, was using the APRC proceedings to continue the war, not resolve the ethnic conflict. “How can the Tamils and Muslims trust this government, when it does not want to implement a political solution at the behest of the Sinhala Urumaya and JVP”.

Asked, if he knew how many civilians were left in the no fire zone in Mullaitivu, Ganeshan said that according to his information, it was around 200,000.


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