Sri Lanka loses Dutch aid

The Netherlands has decided to end development aid to Sri Lanka due to the security situation in the island.

Development minister Bert Koenders told the BBC that the Netherlands has been providing annual aid equivalent to 30-40 million Euros to Sri Lanka since 1970s.

“We think it is very difficult to work in Sri Lanka because of the violence. So, we will end our partner-country relationship with Sri Lanka,” he said.

The minister added that the complete development aid scheme with Sri Lanka to be ended as a result.

Minister Koenders on Friday informed the house of representatives of the decision to end aid to Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Eritrea, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka.

In his letter to the house, the development minister emphasised the importance of a political dimension to the aid relationship.

This enables the discussion of taboos like corruption, the position of women, refugees and abortion.

The aid provided to South Asian island of Sri Lanka and Eritrea will be ended due to the political situation, Dutch authorities said.

The Netherlands government’s announcement comes as Sri Lanka seeks a 1.9 billion dollar bail out package from the IMF.

Source : BBC


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  1. Did they give AID to sri lanka?? How much?? 10$ per year?…We don’t need your money..we’ll develop our country after this war..

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