Batton of Conflict passed on to the Young by the Older generation

See the two versions of what happened in Melbourne yesterday.
See attachment here. At the top the Sinhala story in Sinhala and at the bottom the Tamil story in English.

For the benefit of those who do not have access to Tamilnet, the Tamilnet report is attached.

The story of the Sinhala side is available (only is Sinhala) at:

The Tamil side of the story published in Tamilnet is available at:

Read on>> as_PDF


2 Responses

  1. The tamil new item only has pictures of isolated vehicles, which could have been placed there. No pictures are there Sinhala mob attacking them. Poor show as usual by TamilNet.

  2. Two conflicting views are expressed. This did not happen in the war front in Northern Sri Lanka where a third party is not available. This happened in Australia where the Australian Government, which is not a party to the conflict has its presence – the police. This third party – the Australian Police – must speak out and tell the world the truth.

    It is the duty and responsibility of the reporter who should have obtained the facts from the police and published it along with the two versions. He has failed in his duty and responsibility in a place where freedom of the press is available.

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