Conspiracy successful – TMVP involvement in Warsha’s murder erased


We pointed out that there were misgivings regarding the deaths of the two members of TMVP who were suspects of the murder of little Warsha’ who was killed after a ransom of Rs.3 million was demanded to start a radio channel for TMVP. They died while they were under police custody. We also raised suspicion that those deaths could be a part of a conspiracy to erase all suspicions that TMVP was involved in the abduction and killing of Warsha.

Now it has been proved that this conspiracy has borne fruit. The two remaining suspects were shot dead the day before yesterday.

It is evident that Trincomalee Police is attempting to indicate that the killing of these two suspects had been carried out by the tiger terrorists. SSP Trincomalee Vas Gunawardene says the two suspects were shot dead by the terrorists while they were being taken to find a suicide kit. He has said several police officers too were injured in the incident.

In our earlier reports we indicated that there was an attempt to remove the suspects from the murder of Warsha due to certain facts.

The first is Oshwin Mervin Rinawushan, the main suspect of Warsha’s murder was killed by police shooting while he was being taken by policed jeep to Trincomalee Hospital. Next the other suspect Mariyarajan Janarthan, the chief of TMVP office at Orr’s Hill party office committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule on the 19th at 4.00 p.m. according to Uppuweli Police.

The third is the transfer of the senior police officer who was in charge of the investigation. Minister Dinesh Gunawardene admitted this in Parliament. The fourth is exhuming the body of the second suspect Waradharajan Janarthan of the TMVP and destroying it. The suspects head had been destroyed leaving no room to find out whether he had died of cyanide poisoning or from any other reason.

There are also several other matters that create suspicion regarding events that occurred after the murder of little Warsha. Recently Minister of Eastern Development Vinayagamorrthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman had stated that Pilleyan, Chief Minister of the Eastern PC had not handed over all weapons to the government. Karuna Amaman had also said only a small number of weapons had been handed over but Pilleyan and his supporters use various other weapons for robbery, murder, extortion and various other crimes.

Meanwhile, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella making a statement to ‘Dinamina’ on Monday (30th) regarding the handing over of weapons by Pilleyan states, “TMVP has handed over weapons. However, when considering the quantity of weapons handed over we have doubts whether they had such a small number of weapons.” He further states, “What matters is not whether they have more arms but the programme and the concept. They have shown the world that they have handed over weapons. If they have more weapons we could have a separate programme for that.”

This indicates Pilleyan’s faction has not handed over all their weapons and the government admits that.

There is doubt how the two TMVP suspects were shot dead by tiger terrorists while they were being taken by the police. It is evident that the police have taken measures to hide the involvement of TMVP in the murder of Warsha. When considering all these facts the attempt of the government to conceal the TMVP involvement in the murder cannot be ruled out. All the suspects have been wiped out blocking any evidence to involve the real criminals behind the murder. It is evident that all these acts have been carried out with the knowledge of the government. Not only a little, innocent girl was abused and murdered but the government has used its arms to conceal the real murderers for political reasons.

Text by Sugath Kumara Alahakone

Source :- LankaTruth


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