Police looking for Pilleyan’s man in connection with Varsha’s murder


Police are looking for ‘Suranga’ a close associate of Chief Minister of Eastern PC Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pilleyan for his involvement in the brutal murder of six year old child in Trincomalee.

Six year old Varsha Jude Reggie was abducted near her school. The abductors demanded a ransom of Rs.3 million from her parents. Later she was killed and her body was found in a sack four days later abandoned on a street in Trincomalee town. It has been revealed that abductors, who were mostly members of TMVP had been to raise money to begin a radio station for the party.

The suspect ‘Suranga’ is alleged to have transported the limp corpse of the girl in a vehicle belonging to the Chief Minister’s office. The suspect is absconding and search operations have shifted to Batticaloa District where he is believed to have fled.

Earlier police arrested five persons. Oswin Mervin Rinawushan, the main suspect of the murder, a front line member of the TMVP and was shot by the police when he tried to flee after struggling with a police officer. Another suspect committed suicide by biting a cyanide capsule.

Source :- LankaTruth


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