INGOs, NGOs to be allowed access

By Kelum BandaraThe Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services Ministry is expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NGOs and INGOs to allow them access into welfare camps and villages in Vavuniya and implement humanitarian projects.

At present only UN agencies and the ICRC have been allowed access to these places without restriction.

Vavuniya Government Agent P.S.M. Charles told Daily Mirror yesterday that INGOs and NGOs which hope to launch humanitarian programmes for the displaced people should furnish a detailed report to the Ministry on their proposed projects.

Ms. Charles said some 40 to 45 volunteer organizations had asked to be permitted access to welfare camps.

Meanwhile, Minister Rishard Bathiudeen met the Vavuniya GA to discuss issues pertaining to the influx of refugees entering the cleared areas.

About 3,500 refugees who arrived in the past few days were being accommodated in the Arunachalam Welfare Village in Vavuniya.“We have provided them with tents. In addition, they will be given cooked meals for another three days. After that, they are required to start community cooking using the essential items and kitchen utensils given by the government,” she said.

Ms. Charles said another batch of 1,000 refugees were stuck in Kilinochchi and Omanthai and unable to get to Vavuniya.

At the meeting it was also decided to improve water and sanitation facilities for the affected people soon with plans to supply water from Malwatu Oya.

Source : DailyMirror


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