‘Abductor’ killed by police

Police authorities in eastern Sri Lanka say that a suspect arrested on alleged abduction and rape of a six-year old schoolgirl was shot dead as he tried to escape.

Superintendant of Police (SP), Trincomalee, Vaas Gunawardene told BBC Sandeshaya that suspect Mervyn Niroushan was shot by a police sergeant as he attempted to escape from the police vehicle while being transported to hospital to investigate whether he was responsible for raping the girl.

Judy Mary Varsha, a schoolgirl from Palaiyuththu, Trincomalee was found dead on Friday after she went missing on 11 March.

Quoting from the post-mortem report, SP Gunawardene said the girl was raped before being killed.

The suspect who received gun shot injuries, “was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital,” Mr. Gunawardene said.

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The main suspect was the director of Sigaramfm website.

Police say that he has received journalism diploma in India.

Mr. Niroushan who visited Varsha’s house to teach her IT lessons, and three other suspects are accused of seeking Rs. 30 million from the girl’s family.

All four suspects are aged 18-22 and one of the suspects is a son of a woman police constable in Trincomalee police headquarters.

Police officials said three of the suspects are members of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP).

Eastern province chief minister, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanathan widely known as Pillayan is the leader of the TMVP.

“The suspect has tried to secure a license for an FM radio station. The ransom was sought to pay political authorities to obtain the licence,” SP Gunawardene said.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is the competent authority in Sri Lanka in approving radio licences.

Source : BBC Sinhala


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