European Parliament calls for immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka

EP condemned the LTTE’s violence and intimidation
(Lanka-e-News, March 12, 2009, 11.00 PM) The European Parliament (EP) adopted Today (12) a resolution on the situation in Sri Lanka calling for an immediate ceasefire by the Sri Lanka army and the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Ealam (LTTE)in order to allow the civilian population to leave the combat zone.

The EP condemned the LTTE’s violence and intimidation which are preventing civilians from leaving the conflict area.

It voiced concern about reports of serious overcrowding and poor conditions in the refugee camps established by the Sri Lanka Government.
EU parliamentarians called on both sides to respect international humanitarian law and to protect and assist the civilian population in the combat zone, as well as in the safe zone.
They demanded that international and national humanitarian organisations, as well as journalists, be granted full and unhindered access to the combat zone and to the refugee camps.

The EP called on the Sri Lanka Government to cooperate with countries and aid organisations that are willing and able to evacuate civilians.


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