Carl Muller comes up with fourth book

Spicezee Bureau  New Delhi, Feb 25: Award-winning Sri Lankan writer Carl Muller has come up with the fourth book in the popular Burgher family series.  The author, who was awarded the Kala Keerthi (Exponent of Literary Arts) by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2005, has written a wonderful tale – ‘Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen’, in the fourth serving of his famous Burghler chronicles. In the book, Carl reverts to his favourite family, the von Blosses of his first ‘Burgher’ book ‘The Jam Fruit Tree’. A hungry family and a wonderful cook, a kind paedophile, a cantankerous mother-in-law, a disloyal husband, good-for-nothing uncles, prudish Pentecostals, Dunnybou’s exhibitionism, Sonnaboy’s show of strength – the author captures the hallmarks of the von Blosses’ days and ways in his quintessentially irreverent, witty and heart-warming style.  ‘Grandmama’s Kitchen’ features many of Maudiegirl’s famous recipes making the book a treat not only for Muller fans but also for the senses.  Muller has a large number of published titles, ranging from poetry to science fiction, under his belt. But it is his ‘Burgher novels’ that have earned him special acclaim, especially the first one, ‘The Jam Fruit Tree’, which won Gratiaen Memorial Prize, 1993, for the best work of English literature by a Sri Lankan. He has also won the State literary Award for his historical novel, Children of the Lion.


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