Interview: Yolanda Foster =Channel -4 =

Alex Thomson interviews Yolanda Foster, an expert on Sri Lanka at Amnesty International. 29 Jan 2009.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Alex Thomson

    Please refer this below link to see the humanitarian sight that, Ms Yolanda Foster has towards civilians of Sri Lanka.

  2. Dear Alex Thomson
    Last week ICRC office was stoned in Colombo for criticising the government which bombed three hospitals in the last two weeks in the Vanni.
    Last week BBC, Sky and Aljazeera and Swiss and German ambassadors were warned that they would be ‘chased away’ if they criticise the government. In the last three years fifteen jornalists have been murdered in Sri Lanka and many more were attacked . Three tamil journalists have been in prison for nearly 11 months.
    There have been more than 2,000 abduction-murders in the last three months in highly militarised Northeast and Colombo, mostly near army checkpoints which are literally mushrooms. Sri Lanka is the most militarised per population in the ‘democracies’.
    In the last four weeks alone twenty journalists have fled the country.

    Thanks for bringing Sri Lanka into the world news.

    Donaldson Panabokke

  3. Alex

    Yolanda Foster has been vilified by the Sri Lankan government several months ago. She wouldn’t criticise the government as much as she used to and has to.
    Amnesty International does not even give Sri Lankan news much coverage in its website.
    The Tigers welcomed the UN monitoring and the journalists. Two weeks ago Marie Calvin wrote in the Sunday Times how she travelled to the Tigers area in spite of being prevented from the Sri lankan armed forces and when she got back she was shot at by them and ill-treated and she was fortunately ‘retrieved’ by some journalists.

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