British Parliment Debate on humanitarian crisis in Vanni-14th OCT 2008

Part 01:

Part 02:

Part 03:

Source : bloodpolitic


2 Responses

  1. Please do your best to bring a political solution and let all races live in harmony.

  2. It is hard to take in what in real life is happening around the world today but one thing is certain that the innocent people men.women and children of Sri Lanka
    are suffering and after all the years gone by they still are “Why” . When you listen to all the debates and press releases nothing seems to change except that the same people are still suffering.

    When will this change the British government talk and debate for hours upon hours which is a good thing but without some form of action or inter.action with the parties to control the situation nothing will change.

    Let us all stop and look ahead to find a solution and most of all stop the people of Sri Lanka living in fear and let peace be given to them all as it is thier right to have I pray this happens soon.

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