Society urged to rally against law of the jungle

Speakers at a seminar organized in Colombo today (Oct. 15th) to protest the hand grenade attack on human rights lawyers J.C. Weliamuna called for an end to the prevalence of the law of the jungle.
Civil society organizations, trade unions, media organisations and professionals attended the event at New Town Hall and showed their solidarity with Mr. Weliamuna.

Further, they urged authorities to establish the independent police commission under the 17th amendment to the constitution and to depoliticize the public service.

Speaking here, head of the National Peace Council Dr. Jehan Perera said Sri Lanka could not even think about the achievements of countries like Thailand and Korea, which had lagged behind the island nation 60 years ago.

He blamed this situation to the country’s agenda being run on personal lines, rather than on a national level cause.

Member of the Civil Monitoring Committee Dr. N. Kumara Gurubaran said democratic and other rights have become an issue today as they were facing severe degradation.

The application of good governance is totally different from what is being, spoken about by the President, he alleged.

President of the Bank of Ceylon Employees Union M.R. Shah urged all citizens to unite and fight to win the rights they have lost.

Source : LankaDissent & Vikalpasl

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