No military solutions for political problems – President

The country is in a decisive juncture in the formidable effort to eliminate terrorism and restore peace, President Mahinda Rajapaksa says.
Noting that he believes there is no military solution to political problems the president says he again invites the LTTE to lay down arms and enter democratic politics.

Speaking at the All Party Conference in Colombo this morning (Oct. 11th), President Rajapaksa said efforts to find a political solution should proceed amidst all challenges, as people have elected its representatives to fulfill their aspirations.

People of the north, just like others, have to be guaranteed their democratic rights, while a military effort is needed to eliminate terrorism, he said.

Speaking further, President Rajapaksa said the APC was taking forward the recommendations made in January by the All Party Representative Committee.

Civilians will not be harmed by the ongoing military offensives aimed at paving the way for the implementation of these proposals, he said.

Representatives of the SLFP, LSSP, JHU, ACMC, CPSL, MEP, NUA, EPDP, UPF, SLMC, NC, WPF, CWC, TMVP attended.

The UNP, JVP and TNA were absent.

Source : LankaDissent


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