Civil activists & Lawyers show solidarity with Weliamuna

Lawyers in the Supreme Court showed solidarity with colleague J.C. Weliamuna and staged a protest this afternoon (Sept. 30th) to condemn the hand grenade attack on his home two days ago.

They marched from Hulftsdorp Courts Complex to Keselwatte Junction.

Speaking here, Bar Association President Upul Jayasuriya said the anti-corruption and human rights crusade by Mr. Weliamuna would not be halted by harming his life.

Not just 100 or 500, more than 5,000 individuals of the calibre of Mr. Weliamuna will take that campaign forward, he said.

The BASL chief said the IGP should not take this attack lightly and must bring the culprits to book and ensure there would be no repetition of such incidents.

Mr. Weliamuna, who is also executive director of Transparency International Sri Lanka, spoke here and thanked his colleagues for their support.

He said he has continued threats to his life, the latest being an unknown visitor to his office just this afternoon inquiring after him, regarding which a complaint has been lodged with Keselwatte Police.

Courtesy :: LankaDissent and Ya TV


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