Defence ministry’s eviction order sends shock waves among city residents

Source : Lanka Enews & The Sunday Times

viction orders issued by the Defence Ministry on 1500 families in 800 homes of Glany Passage in Slave Island, the heart of Colombo city, has sent shock waves among the city residents and has drawn heavy criticism from human rights activists, Municipal authorities and several politicians. In its rigidly worded letter dated July 11, the Defence Ministry has ordered the families, mostly Muslims, to vacate their residences within a matter of seven days on security grounds’ without suggesting or providing alternative arrangements for their residence. The families have been residing at Granny Passage for periods ranging from three to five decades, they have been paying roof taxes to the Colombo Municipal Council, have been provided electricity and water supply, according to a resident Mohamed Abdeen.

Source : Lanka Enews & The Sunday Times


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