Ex-IRA man warns Sri Lanka’s rivals

“One thing is certain,” insists Martin McGuinness in his office at Belfast’s Stormont Castle. “The resolution of the conflict in Sri Lanka can only happen at the negotiating table. Nowhere else.

“Both the government and the Tamil Tigers believe that they can have more victories over each other possibly in advance of peace negotiations. I have to say, I think both the government and the Tamil Tigers are foolish if they believe that.”

Mr McGuinness’ words carry authority. He is a former IRA fighter (some believe a one-time senior IRA commander), who led his movement through a complex peace process, and is now deputy first minister in a power-sharing devolved government in Northern Ireland.

He has made the transition that few achieve – from insurgent leader to a key figure in a democratic political system.

‘No conclusive victories’

The peace process in Northern Ireland has delivered an end to shootings and bombings which had claimed more than 3,000 lives.

Martin McGuinness:

“The most important ingredient in any peace process, or conflict resolution process, is leadership. The willingness of leaders to be courageous, and to recognise that the only way to resolve conflict is by sitting down, respecting one another in dialogue and discussion,”

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