Interview with Dr. Brian Seneviratne befor Pongku Thamizh rally_Canada

Diaspora News_Canada
Sorce : Tamil Vision International

Clip 01 :-

Clip 02 :-


One Response

  1. This type of criticism should not be allowed on decent websites. The ideas expressed in ‘pakkium’s comment are full of racism, wenophobia and insults. Don’t look at people’s personal lives, look at the substance, the point a man or woman is trying to make.

    Don’t compare late Mr Kadi and Dr Brian. Mr Kadi was part of GoSL, and whether he liked it or not, he had to uphold the discourse he upheld. It was the final chance he had to shine in politics, something he wanted to do at an early age but couldn’t accomplish.

    Dr Brian is an active civil society campaigner, who calls for a reversal of the Colebrooke-Cameron Reform of 1833. In practice, this means a total restructuring of Sri Lanka’s state formation (which is indeed essential to resolve the ethnic problem).

    Dr Brian also supports the armed struggle of the LTTE for self-determination. Every man and woman has the right to uphold opinions they deem justifiable, and no one has the right to insult them for that. The majority of Sinhalese do exactly this: they ruthlessly insult a 77 year-old countryman for upholding a different viewpoint. They are simply not bothered to listen to him calmly and develop a constructive dialogue.

    Don’t be wasting words about personal lives and marital ties, that does not suit the times and is definitely against the image of Sri Lanka as a country and Sri Lankans as a disciplined people. Don’t ever forget ‘Vidhya Dadhathi Vinayan’.

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