We need your effort to sustain an alternate voice

Here in Sri Lanka,

survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean the fittest can survive independently, on his or her strength alone.

It means survival is only possible at the mercy of the powerful decision makers. At least the media survives with such mercy under an elected government in this country.

Media here is Sri Lanka that is mainstream, has its own problem in being independent and free. The mainstream media which is partly State owned and controlled by the government, is overwhelmingly biased towards the government. Those who work in them are State employees and have no independence to oppose such bias.

The rest of the mainstream media is also living with State patronage and compromises, their employees allowed to be politically divided.

This media when crowned with a very coercive and repressive State machinery would never be free and independent.

Thus the wailing plea to the government asking for a free media, instead of staying free and independent as a media. Instead of working as free and independent journalists and Editors.

As “lankadissent” our existence in one year marks this difference in the media, where investments and bank loans don’t dictate terms on our freedom.

We depend on our commitment to a free and fair media culture that today is the responsibility of the alternate media. We did achieve a very conspicuous present in this journey towards a dissenting voice with independence, at a high cost within a year.
It wasn’t an easy journey by any means.

Our conviction of a broad “Citizens’ Platform” in “lankadissent” is thwarted by lack of funds to network in the provinces. Such a platform would have provided a discourse on provincial development and social ideology.

Instead, we are now compelled to cut back on what we have started on. Our Tamil pages would have to be temporarily suspended due to lack of finances. If public support is not forthcoming, we would have to cut back on most other interventions in developing an alternate media presence.

We have therefore planned to raise funds through your support to sustain an alternate dialogue. We need your contribution to sustain an alternate voice and network the provinces. We believe you need it too. And if you do, here’s our contacts and details below.

Give this chance to sustain dissent. Sri Lanka needs it now. We need you now.

Surviving with you,

Executive Editor

Organisation : Centre for Social Democracy
Address : w/2/1, Anderson Flats, Kirula Road, Colombo 05 – Sri Lanka
Tele- Fax : 0094 112555282
E-mail :
editor@lankadissent.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Bank details : Seylan Bank – Nawala Branch
Account No. : 0520-30413700-001

Read on(sinhala)>>as_PDF


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