Resolution of INSD Conference in Oslo (May)

Resolution of Conference on international diaspora respond to Sri Lankan Current situation

The International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora e.V. (INSD) and free media organized a three-day conference in Oslo from the 23rd to the 25th of May, 2008. The title of the conference was ‘‘A response of the international diaspora to Sri Lanka’s current situation’. The International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora e.V. (INSD) consist of Srilankans (Tamils, Singhalese, Muslims and Burghers) and their friends who live in Europe. INSD try to contribute for peaceful and democratic solution for ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka and believes the political solution can be attained only with power sharing.

For this conference participants came from Sri Lanka and various European countries, such as Germany Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. They also included those who had traveled from various towns and cities within Norway.

The conference discussed the contribution that the Sri Lanka-Diaspora could make, including aspects such as: power sharing, the future of peace process, the woeful human-rights situation, and violence against the media.
The following resolutions were passed by the conference.

  1. Stop the inhuman war immediately, and resume peace talks. The warring parties, including non-governmental armed groups, are urged to respect human rights.
  2. Stop harassment, arbitrary arrest, “disappearances” and killings. Enable minority groups in the Island to enjoy rights and live with human dignity.
  3. We earnestly request the international community in general and Norway in particular, to bring all possible pressure to stop the war and work towards a peaceful solution of the ethnic conflict.
  4. We call for an immediate stop to attacks (including aerial bombing) on civilian targets; the planting of mines, and the use of explosive devices in public areas, including transport.
  5. We firmly stand for a political solution based on equality and justice. History teaches us that only through political solution and economic prosperity can harmony be realized. Therefore, we call upon all political parties to seek a political solution through power sharing.
  6. We appeal to the Sri Lankan state to immediately stop the harassment of individuals, the attack on the democratic institutions of the Island, including particularly those working for the media.

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