Understanding Lanka’s UNHRC eviction

Multiplying the sources of terrorism

Source : LakbimaNews

Kumar David Writes

Pro-government mouthpieces froth that it was the imperialist powers, dollar corrupted NGOs and INGOs, meddlesome Nobel Laureates, pro-Eelam Lefties and British Labour party types that engineered the regimes unceremonious eviction from the UN Human Rights Council, well short of the 155, 143 and 139 votes secured by top scorers Japan, South Korea and Bahrain and 13 short of even Pakistan’s 114. En passant, the difference between Pakistan and Lanka is that things are getting better in one case, worse in the other. There is even a theory that it was the asinine stunts of our immature Geneva Mission, which has rubbed every potential friend and foe on either side of the Atlantic the wrong way, that has left this country friendless in the West.
Now, some of this is true, but it is proverbial smoke; but there is no smoke without fire and instead of pondering such superficial gossip let us reflect on the real cause of our human rights ailment and the worrying new disease that is provoking new forms of conflict and stoking fresh fires of potential terrorism.

Labouring the obvious

There is no use denying the obvious; this regime’s human rights record renders it undeserving of a seat on the UNHR Council. The regime may need to be investigated by the Council, not sit on it; so in cold sober perspective, there are reasonable grounds why many UN member states have reckoned it inappropriate to renew our UNHRC mandate for a normal second term.
Nor is there any use pretending that the public is unaware that the regime, its uniformed services, and now its gun trotting, vote rigging buddies in the Eastern Province, have given us a bad name.
Sometimes high officials are behind the crimes, sometimes they cover-up, post facto, offences committed by their subordinates, and now in the East, Colombo is toothless in the face of its miscreant ally.
There is also a more worrying side to this already discouraging setting; a significant majority of Sinhalese people are willing to look aside and allow human rights violations to proliferate, so long as the victims are Tamils, or persons suspected of LTTE sympathy, or journalists who expose military setbacks and lies, or as tit-for-tat replies to LTTE bomb blasts. If there is complicity, even be it the complicity of silence, on the part of a people in the crimes of its regime, the decay that will eventually corrode the fabric of that whole nation will be hideous.
In many nations, the people first slipped into amorality before the country slipped into fascism or such aberrant condition. Forget the Government, buried as it is in its power-perpetuating machinations and financial misdemeanours, nothing will make it change its ways; but if only this setback at the UN could be a wake up call to the public at large, it will serve a most useful purpose.

The fake-Left thesis

Some of my friends and associates in the Socialist Alliance and the Democratic Left Front have said that while it’s true that the Government and the LTTE both share complicity in human rights violations, imperialism too was deeply involved in managing Lanka’s exclusion from the HR Council. They have suggested that I should point this out and condemn the imperialist West as well, while criticising our regime.
It is very important to point out that this is a completely erroneous thesis.
Not everything that comes out of America, Europe or the West is synonymous with imperialism. In the current exercise the critique of our regime was led by democratic public opinion, human rights activists, and bold international intellectuals.
The Nobel Laureate who compared our situation to the “dirty war” in Argentina is none other than Adolfo Perez Esquivel who campaigned fearlessly against the Argentine General’s monstrous regime – they didn’t use white vans then, just other methods of doing the same thing, and for similar hypocritical, poppy-cock reasons; “to save the nation”.
For example, say in the old days America was competing against the Soviet Union at some event in the Olympic Games, would you say: “Imperialism is running a race against Stalinism?” That would be plain silly because the concepts Imperialism and Stalinism have no place in the matter.
To describe intervention in UN voting spearheaded by Western human rights activists and democratic public opinion as imperialism is equally fallacious, and what is worse, it is racist! It implies that since people with white skins are involved they are necessarily imperialists and colonial minded stuckups. That’s enough said about the fake-Left thesis of some comrades.
After the Katankudy and Eravur clashes between some Muslims and armed TMVP cadres (not the Tamil people) we are being fed a cryptic message, purportedly from military sources, but certainly with the encouragement of the regime’s henchmen: “New Jihadists are on the march; Muslim terrorism is raising its ugly head”. Now, personally, I couldn’t care less if the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province is a Muslim, a Tamil, or a Hottentot, but my opinion is irrelevant; what counts is what the people in the province think and feel. If the TMVP had won the election fair and square, if it had been a clean poll free of harassment and rigging, the Muslims may have been disappointed that one of their number did not make the top job, but they certainly would have had to accept the popular verdict.


But what’s this that we have? What fairness? Why should a Muslim or anybody else accept this faked up result? In the ethnically charged conditions of this country a fake election only provokes more outrage.
If enraged Muslim youth and TMVP paramilitary gangs are clashing, well the main culprit is the political establishment that ran a dishonest and rigged election and created the conditions for such violence. Terrorists are not born, they are made, and they are made by governments that do this kind of thing. Will enraged Muslim youth mature into a serious Jihadist movement? I don’t know, but if they do, we know whom to thank for it!.

Source : LakbimaNews


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