Campaign at Estern Province Election

The Citizen in Kalmunei Speaks about Provincial Council Elections Challenge for Muslims.


Pillaiyan’s thugs wreak havoc claiming they are in the govt.

Source :- LankaEnews

Women raped; children abducted and ransom taken

Lanka-e-News correspondent who was travelling in the Trincomalee district reports that the villagers of a number of villages in the district are in distress due to incidents of raping women, abducting children and taking ransom by the armed rowdies of the Pillaiyan Group. They say they have nobody to listen to their woes.

An unmolested young woman cannot be found

The Tamil villages of Anuradhapuram, Lower Muttur, Ortheen, Jamballipuram, Palathivu and Selvanayagapuram are the most affected.

Several villagers said to Lanka-e-News reporter remaining anonymous that no house was spared from ransom taking, not a single young man who was not intimidated could be found and no young woman is spared unmolested.

Pillaiyan is yours and you settle the issues with him

Around Rs. 200,000 is sought as ransom and a family member is abducted if it is not paid. Many of the families of these villages have relatives abroad and the Pillaiyan Group extorts money sent by them.

Pillaiyan’s armed rowdies break in to houses in the night and rape women, said the villagers with tearful eyes.

The most dangerous situation is that there is no authority where the villagers can complain against these atrocities. The thugs threaten the victims not to complain anybody emphasizing the vanity of such efforts since they are in the government. They vow to kill anybody who tries to complain. If a villager dares to complain stealthily to a police station or a Navy camp, the response of the officials is that the villagers should settle the issue with the Pillaiyan Group since they are their own people.

The victimized Tamil villagers pointed out that they had not faced similar difficulties under LTTE or Karuna and the situation worsened after Pillaiyan allied with the government. They say that only the Sinhala villagers of the adjacent villages help them.

The residents of the area say that they wonder to see the Rajapakse government is in alliance with this kind of rowdies who roam freely with the security forces while engaging in crimes. They say that there are around 300 such thugs in Trincomalee district.

Source :- LankaEnews


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